Attractions and sights

Sânnicolau de Munte

From Sânnicolau de Munte guests can take a series of daytrips. First of all, because of their proximity, one can visit the more than one hundred local cellars where white and red wines can be tasted.


The settlement of Sâniob is nearby, where the relics of King Stephen I. had been kept for over 300 years. Statues of Mercurius, Bocskai and St. Stephen can also be seen here.


Sântimreu is not far from here, being famous for its winemaking, its Reformed Church and the several famous battles which took place on its outskirts.


In Șimian one can see the Memorial House of language reformer Ferenc Kazinczy, the statue of bishop Kálmán Csiha and the memorial plaque of the songwriter Lóránd Fráter, all of whom were born here.


Săuca is famous for the house of Ferenc Kölcsey’s parents, the memorial plaque dedicated to him and his statue.


Marghita is the hometown of the Hungarian poet Imre Horváth.


Albiş is the birthplace of the journalist and translator József Irinyi and the chemist and inventor of the non-explosive match János Irinyi.


Ciocaia is the birthplace of statistician and geographer Elek Fényes, who was a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.