Business hours, prices

Open every day: 08:00 – 23:00 all year!

Admittance fees:

Adults: 6,00 lei

Children under the age of 14: 3,00 lei

Admittance is free for children under the age of 3!

Cars: 6,00 lei/day

Minivans: 12,00 lei/day

Caravans: 12,00 lei/day

Motocycles: 3,00 lei/day

Camping fees:

Adults: 12,00 lei/person/day

Children under the age of 14: 6,00 lei/person/day

The camping fee also includes access to the pool.

Room rental fees: 70,00 lei/day

Meals: By prior arrangement, we can provide set menus for groups and up to three meals per

day: breakfast 6 lei, lunch 13 lei, dinner 8 lei. Children under the age of 10 receive a 50%