In the 70s, while searching for oil, hot water of 60-65 Cº had been discovered, and the

healing baths of Sânnicolau de Munte were subsequently established 500 meters from the


The healing baths are situated in a quiet, picturesque environment and the establishment is

surrounded by treees. The baths open their gates for the summer season by 1st of May at the

latest, since 2011 however, we await those who enjoy open-air hot baths in fall, winter and

spring as well. We are open all year-round!

We provide room and board as well as camping options for our guests. Setting campfires

in indicated areas within the premises is permitted. Grid connection for caravans/mobile

homes is available.



 About the baths

The thermal baths in Sânnicolau de Munte were opened to the public on 1st May 1971. The baths were built by the members of the local farming collective themselves. After the revolution the committee in charge of closing the collective farm decided that the baths should pass to the local reformed church. Since 1991 the baths have been operated by the parish.

The therapeutic water in Sânnicolau de Munte is probably the hottest in all of Bihor county, occasionally exceeding 70  Cº. The water falls into the oligomineral category, its mineral salt concentration not exceeding 1 gram per litre.

Composition: positive ions can be found in the form of kalium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron, while negative ions appear in the form of chlorides and sulfates. It is mildly, harmlessly radio-active, as most thermal waters in Bihor are, containing radon and helium. The paraffin content hidreates the dermis. PH: 7.8. Hidrogen carbonate ions:  2745 mg/l. Calcium ions: 7 mg/l. Kalium ions: 40.9 mg/l. Sodium ions: 343.6 mg/l. Magnesium ions: 6mg/l. Nitrite ions: <0.02 mg/l. Nitrate ions: <1.0 mg/l. Ammonium ions: 11.36 mg/l. Iron: 0.09 mg/l. Manganese: 0..06 mg/l. Chloride ions: 434 mg/l. Sulfate ions: 8mg/l.

Therapeutic effects are due to the presence of alpha radiation. Locomotor diseases: rheumatic inflammation, degenerative post-traumatic states, periferal and central nervous system conditions as well as chronic gynecological inflammations.

As a water cure: – cooled to a lukewarm state- ingesting 150 millilitres half an hour before a meal, cures gastritis and torpid function of the gallbladder. It boosts the excretory system and is suited for „cleansing” the urinary tract and kidneys from renal gravel. This has been established by balneologist Attila Ráckövi M.D., head physician.


The National Institute of Balneology classified it as ionised-, bicarbonate-, hipotonic thermal mineral water. Our therapeutic water is suited to treating chronic rheumatic joint inflammations (spinal column, elbow, knee, hand and foot), extra-articular inflammations (tenosynovitis, tendinitis and connective tissue inflammation, inflammation of the bursa mucosa), post-traumatic lesions and diseases of the locomotor system.


Contraindications: None, as stated by the report of the National Institute of Balneology.

Water deapth: 100-160 cm, and 70 cm in the small pool.

Water temperature: 35-42 Cº.

Water change: full pool-water exchange every Thursday and Sunday evening, so on Friday and Monday mornings the pool is not yet full, but the water temperature is already pleasant, because the pool is filled slowly by small jets of water and is thus cooled by the air overnight. Depending on the weather and number of visitors we do a 25-35% water change in the pool every night. In the children’s pool the water is fully exchanged every night.

Rules and regulations:

- Small children are allowed to be in the pool only under adult supervision!

- Bathing suits are mandatory!

- Smoking, eating or drinking in or around the pool is prohibited!


We reserve the right to select our clientele!